Garo was born and raised in a small city named Varna on the coast of the Black Sea.  At a young age, he began expressing himself through art, acting in local plays and painting the beautiful scenery of Varna.  As soon as he was out of school, he began apprenticing for the finest jeweler in Varna.  He was taught how to work entirely by hand and without the use of any machines. Metal was rolled, bent and twisted and patterns were cut out, all by hand.  Holes were drilled by a hand operated drilling tool and even the blow torch was operated by mouth.  This was the beginning of a new life for Garo. Creating jewelry became his passion.

Applying the techniques and methods he learned in the old country, Garo and his small studio named Varna, quickly became the “jeweler’s jeweler". After becoming known for his unmatched quality and craftsmanship, Garo decided the time was right to create his own jewelry line. 

Varna’s first collection was a platinum and diamonds hand-engraved engagement ring line, with 18k yellow gold filigree accents.  This now-famous collection put Varna on the map of the jewelry world.

Varna’s designs and collections have grown extensively over the years.  Our main focus has always been to perfectly design and flawlessly execute each piece of jewelry we create. We approach each piece we create on a personal level where it is exclusively created around a center diamond.